Getting to Know a Writer

It is the sixteenth of April, 2016, 1:14AM at present and I can already feel my future self reading these words and giggling drunkenly at my present self’s past-ness. My two puppies, Tater and Nugget, are asleep on the floor in my rented townhouse living room. My sliding glass doors are open because it’s a little hot and the dogs sometimes walk outside to poop. Everything is silent, except for me and the discontented buzzing of a too-loud TV next door.

And I have very little to say for myself. This is my very first post, and I really wanted it to be great. But, honestly, I can’t even figure out how to correctly configure my timezone on this website. How am I supposed to make you all fall in love with me?

I guess I could start with the basics. I live in America. I want to write. I’ve been a storyteller for as long as I can remember. I have a younger brother who means the world to me. I’m really bad at maintaining friendships even though people are everything to me and I frequently sob about how grateful I am to my Facebook friends for the fine company I sometimes keep. I’m a sucker for stray dogs.

But I guess this blog isn’t really about me. And, anyway, you’ll hopefully fall in love with me as time goes on and this blog unfolds. I want to tell you guys everything. Not from the beginning. Not all at once. But hopefully on a semi-regular basis and with mostly positive feedback. I hope you’ll all have fun here. I certainly plan to.


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