Weekly Series!

Hey, everyone!

I’ve not been blogging like I’d like to, which is really disappointing because outside of school and work, I really don’t write for myself much. I have some long-term projects and a recreational activity that really get shoved to the back-burner a lot, and so blogging was really meant to be a way to make sure I was regularly putting out something, even if it was short, that was my own.

And here I am, not doing that.

Fear not, little wanderers. For I have found a solution to my dilemma; weekly series. Before I introduce the first one, let me lay down here how they’ll be organized. Today is Wednesday! So I’m starting the first series next Wednesday. They’ll run once a week, at a set day and time, for a month. (In fact, the first one is already written and queued.) After that month, I’ll check out how the posts have done and make a decision about whether or not they’ll be continuing. This first one, however, I’ll be keeping no matter what the reaction is because it’s going to be kind of a personal outlet for me. At the end of the month I’ll also be looking into adding another weekly series until every single day of the week is filled up. It’s gonna be a long road! I’m hoping to achieve a pretty good balance of work/life/fun posts throughout the week, so it’s possible that a weekly that ran three months in a row could get cut for something I need more of.

Here are some of my ideas for the future:

  • what’s it like to write porn for money? how do i do it? what are some of my weirdest experiences? what do clients expect from me? etc. (name suggestions welcome!)
  • Free Game Friday! this is something that I already do over on my joint twitch account with my boyfriend. I pick a game on Steam every Friday to download and play. I think it’d be cool to also have a place to come back and review them.
  • Proper Prompts: I was thinking about doing a blog each day from a funny or weird prompt i might dig up online just to keep my juices flowing

Let me know what you guys want to see and feel free to suggest topics I haven’t mentioned!

AND NOW. For the moment you didn’t even know you’ve been waiting for; WHAT WILL NEXT WEEK’S BLOG BE ABOUT?!

The series will be called Mental Health Confessionals. I have been diagnosed with Major Depression and more than one anxiety disorder, which are the two most common type of health issues in America if not around the globe. MHC is going to be an avenue through which I can discuss my own experiences–everything from my worst anxiety attacks to telling people about my mental health–and hopefully reach others who have the same issues. PLEASE LET ME KNOW if there are any mental health issue topics you’d like to see me discuss in the coming weeks. I can’t wait to get started with it. It’s going to be a huge, kind of scary journey for me and I’m pumped to get to share it with the big wide anonymous ocean of the internet.

See ya in a week!


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